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"The Universe : SPACE WARS" with Doc Travis

On the History Channel, October6 at 9:00pm Eastern/ 8:00pm Central, Baen author Travis S. Taylor will appear on "The Universe : SPACE WARS".

Doc's upcoming "The Universe" appearance - set your DVRs!

Travis Taylor will be on an episode of UNIVERSE - "10 Ways to Destroy the
Earth" on the History Channel:

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd at 9:00 pm (8:00 pm Central)
It will also repeat a few times throughout the week. Check your local
listings to confirm the dates times in your area.

Facebook fan page

Doc just built himself a fan page on Facebook - come check it out!

"The Universe"

Just got back from Hollywood. Filmed two episodes of "The Universe" for the History Channel. More episodes probably in the future. It was pretty in Southern California this week.


Looking forward to ConCarolinas in 2 weeks!


One Good Soldier

Hey all,

Doc's latest book in the Tau Ceti universe, One Good Soldier, is
tentatively scheduled for a December 1, 2009 release date. Here is a link
to the amazing cover art, done once more by the impressive Kurt Miller.


Blackfive interview of Travis Taylor

(the rest below the fold)

Claws That Catch eARC available

Claws That Catch-ARC

CoverThe Galaxy at Risk!

Humans have come a long ways since the looking glass gates first appeared and an alien menace turned a motley crew of scientists, sailors and force recon Marines into battle-hardened space adventurers. Now with other species running scared, it’s up to humans to take the lead and mold a weapon capable of checking the Dreen—a galactic cancer that has so far proved unstoppable. Their arsenal? A hodge-podge of powerful technologies begged, borrowed and/or looted from across the galaxy and cobbled together on what has to be the strangest ship ever to ply the starways: the good ship Vorpal Blade II!

Great Ideas! Cool Space Ships! Evil Alien Butt Blasted to Smithereens!
“If Tom Clancy were writing SF, it would read much like John Ringo.”
Philadelphia Weekly Press.

“[T]his thoroughly enjoyable ride should appeal to techno-thriller fans as well as to military SF buffs.”
Publishers Weekly on John Ringo and Travis S. Taylor’s Into the Looking Glass.

Order Now

Human by Choice eARC available

Human by Choice, Doc's collab with Darrell Bain, is now available as an electronic Advanced Reader's Copy. You can read the first chapter and/or order the PDF eARC at Twilight Times Books' detail page for Human by Choice.

Tau Ceti Agenda eARC available

Those of you who want to read it before it is available in stores, an "electronic advanced readers' copy" is now available for purchase in the Webscription store.