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VNW Update

I was talking to Doc the other night and heard that Von Neumann's War is being ordered like it's going out of style. That is great news for Doc and John. It means that Doc is possibly going to get even more book contracts from Baen (we can only hope!), and this also raises the probability of Fermi's Paradox being published sooner, which is great news for me. Yeah, I'm being selfish.

So continue to spread the word. Word of mouth is what is really getting this book noticed, and it will be, by far, the best selling book Doc has written yet, if we continue to work hard and, well, to be repetitive, spread the word.

PD ebook now available

The ebook version of Doc's Planetary Defense book is now available.

Unfortunately, it's a password-locked PDF.

Anyhow, If you want the e-version, you can order the password through this link, and download the locked PDF from here.

The first 25 pages are available as a preview (link to the preview pdf).

MidSouthCon after-action report

Hey All,

Ok, here is how it went.

Friday 4:15 - arrive at MidSouthCon, register, and check into hotel

Friday 4:35 - Call wife. "Baby, I made it. Gotta go...important panels to do."

Friday 4:45 - Find Consuite. Get beer.

Friday 6:45 - Toni sends people to Consuite to find me. How'd she know I'd be there drinking free beer?

Friday 7:30 - Go to Redezvous downtown Memphis and eat ribs with Toni, David Drake, David's "handler". Drink beer.

Friday 9:45 - back at Con. Go to Huntsville room and hang out for a while. Toni forces me to drink a large cup of straight Jim Beam. The huntsville folks also force me to chase the Beam with several daquiris...still not sure what type they were.

Books update

Ok, here is where I am currently.

Von Neumann's War - due July. if it sells good it should have a sequel.

Sequel to Through the Looking Glass - sold and MS due to Baen by Christmas...Ringo we'd better get busy ;-)

The Tau Ceti Agenda - sold MS due to Baen in Sept 06...crap, I'd better get busy.

Fermi's Paradox - with Jason Cordova. We have 70,000 words or so done...(half way finished). Baen has not bought it yet. This is a Prequel/Sequel to Warp Speed and The Quantum Connection. It explains a lot about the first 2 from 3rd person so we get to understand more about the universe.

"Back to the Moon" Article

Doc has a non-fiction article in the first issue of Jim Baen's Universe magazine, entitled "Back to the Moon".

If you want to order an issue of JBU, you can use this link to go direct to the ordering page.

Planetary Defense book now available

Doc's Planetary Defense book is now available to order through

He's going to be talking it up at MidSouthCon, the 24 through the 26th.

Von Neumann's War

cover of Von Neumann's WarVon Neumann's War (Von Neuman)

author: John Ringo
Travis Taylor
asin: 1416520759
binding: Hardcover
list price: $25.00 USD
amazon price: $20.00 USD

(with John Ringo)

Mars is changing. Seemingly overnight the once "Red" planet is turning to gray. Something is happening, something unnatural. A team of, literally, rocket scientists figure out a way to send a probe, very fast, to Mars to determine how and why it is changing. However, when the probe is destroyed well short of the formerly red planet, it's apparent that Mars is being used as a staging ground. The only viable target for that staging ground is Earth. Ranging from rocket design to brilliant paranoids to "in your face" fighting in Iraq, Von Neumann Wars is a fast paced look at what would happen if the earth was attacked by a robot race that, quite accidentally, was bent on destroying civilization.

Read advance snippets from Von Neumann's War on Joe Buckley's website

New book deal

Doc mentioned, in his forum on Baen's Bar:

"Hey All,

I just sold a book to Jim. It is a stand alone called The Tau Ceti Agenda. The book is about political intrigue and conspiracy in the far future. The book deadline is for Sept 06, so it should be out sometime perhaps spring to summer 07.

So, I gotta get back to writing!


Planetary Defense book update

Doc Travis posted this notice to Baen's Bar on February 30th:

"Hey All,

That Planetary Defense book that I put together (with some coauthors) will be available in late March ish.

As BrownWalker is small and in essence will only get online order type distribution, I'm looking for suggestions to getting it sold.

I been trying to figure out how to get it on blogs and other forms of advertisement but that isn't really my forté.

Any advice?