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Doc at TEDxHuntsville

Doc's recent talk at TEDxHuntsville.

Safety 3rd shirts

From the RCR Facebook fan page:
"Shirts are available once again at
When you click on the black shirt you will see there are many other colors to choose from as well. Thanks!"

RCR on Leno, the videos

Just in case you missed seeing it on TV:
RCR on Leno, part the first (links go directly to the appropriate video page)
RCR on Leno, conclusion.

The full episode should be available tomorrow.

RCR on Leno

The Rocket City Rednecks are scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday November 14! Mark your calendars and set those DVRs!

Everything is Energy

Hey all, I'm doing this Everything Is Energy summit thing this week based on my Science Behind The Secret book. It looks to be a lot of fun and will be at Never done something like this before so I'm looking forward to it. Check it out!

Back to the Moon -- eARC is now out

Doc's latest is now available in eARC form (electronic advanced readers' copy) from Baen &

About the book:


Decades after the last footprints were left on the Moon, the U.S. was preparing to return to the Lunar surface in a new class of rockets, when the mission suddenly became much more urgent. It would have to be a rescue mission.

Travis S. Taylor Radio Campaign


National Best Selling Author, Travis S. Taylor, Ph.D. has crossed the line. From his other worldly adventures in his military science fiction novels, Taylor has emerged with a nonfiction no-nonsense explanation of The Law of Attraction. In his recent release of The Science Behind The Secret [Baen March] Taylor takes the Power of Positive Thinking into the 21st century by discussing the quantum physics behind the most recent probe into the phenomenon also known as "The Secret".

"The Universe : SPACE WARS" with Doc Travis

On the History Channel, October6 at 9:00pm Eastern/ 8:00pm Central, Baen author Travis S. Taylor will appear on "The Universe : SPACE WARS".

Doc's upcoming "The Universe" appearance - set your DVRs!

Travis Taylor will be on an episode of UNIVERSE - "10 Ways to Destroy the
Earth" on the History Channel:

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 22nd at 9:00 pm (8:00 pm Central)
It will also repeat a few times throughout the week. Check your local
listings to confirm the dates times in your area.

Facebook fan page

Doc just built himself a fan page on Facebook - come check it out!

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