RCR on Leno

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The Rocket City Rednecks are scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday November 14! Mark your calendars and set those DVRs!


i love these guys and the show. makes science fun and watchable for the masses. also, i am attending college with a major in physics. just love this kind of stuff!

Yes! On Jay Leno

Congrats Travis on the show and success. I live in Birmingham but grew up in Huntsville. My dad also worked(Electrical Engineer) at Nasa-Marshall for 40 Years....I am a huge Geek for anything that flies or pretty much any science subject! I just wanted to say I really am enjoying the show...very cool to have a show filmed in a place you know everything about! You guys have to re-due some of the failed experiments! The rocket last week....you guys could get a successful launch next time! Thanks again for the great show...look forward to Leno--Scott