RCR on Leno, the videos

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Just in case you missed seeing it on TV:
RCR on Leno, part the first (links go directly to the appropriate NBC.com video page)
RCR on Leno, conclusion.

The full episode should be available tomorrow.

Fun with Science

My son and I loved watching you on Leno. We've been following you and your friends since RCR started. You make learning so much fun! This mom thanks you for keeping my son so interested in science and math! Best to all of you.

Dr. Taylor does your Dad know my Uncle?

Dr. Taylor
I enjoyed the Jay Leno bit-your show is great! Awesome! I am from Huntsville...my father has worked at Marshall for almost 40 years...he reminded me that my Uncle was a machinist for the Apollo program in Huntsville too....Does your dad remember a "Benny Jobe"? Thanks! Scott
ps If you ever need an "Eye in the sky-camara" for one of your experiments...I fly RC Helis! HA!

Scott S.
Huntsville, Al

Not too bad...

Dr. Taylor,
I must say: Not too bad! I think it was a little more funny when you winged Rog on the show, but it's pretty darn good to see that the general public, for a small time at least, got to see how fun science can be.
I'm really hoping that RCR can maybe help us get back into the swing of space once again, and being on Leno is all to the good! Of course, I'm a little obsessed over the space thing, mind you... Did I mention I think I have figured out a man-portable CO2 scrubber...?


I'm so glad you guys finaly show that we rednecks have brains too... I grew up around folks like you and always hated how the media and Hollywood in general sort of "poo poo" anything that comes from a Southern country accent.... Way to go ya'll!!!!!



Hi, thanks for posting this. I only heard about your TV show via this post because I signed up for the RSS feed here. I subscribed to National Geographic tonight to see it. Hopefully they will be rerunning the episodes I missed..