Libertycon 19 tentative schedule

The answer you entered to the math problem is incorrect.

These are the events at LibertyCon 19 (July 28-30, 2006) that Doc Travis is scheduled to attend. Please note, this is subject to change.

Time - Where - What
8 pm - B - "Book Proposal or Just Write the Thing and Hope a Publisher Buys it?"
10 pm - Fireplace - Reading (with John Ringo)
11 am - C - "NASA's Vision for Exploration"
12:30pm - C - "What's up, Doc?" (future science)
2 pm - B - "Fermi's Blunder: Fermi's Paradox is nonsense and Fermi should have known better" (Bob Boan is scheduled here, too)
3 pm - B - "Above Top Secret" (with Bob Boan and Stephen Cobb)
11 pm - Barfly Suite - Reading (just Doc)
11 am - C - "Planetary Defense against Alien Invasion" (with Bob Boan, John Ringo & Jason Cordova)

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My work on antigravity


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