What we need is Baen TV!

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I just can't freakin' believe that Sci-fi is now showing ECW...wrestling for god's sake!

It is bad enough that there is horror and fantasy about 75% of the time on there. I mean, Friday nights are about the only night they show decent sci-fi!

And the made for Sci-fi movies are usually very bad. Other than the Dune series they've had problems. Even Taken ended extremely stupid and poorly written.

If I knew how to get the money I'd put together a new network that shows ONLY sci-fi. I'm serious no Fantasy, no horror, no F'n wrastlin'. Wrastlin is ok but not on sci-fi channel...crap!

I'd propose Baen TV! Sure we license other programs to run regular like rerunning Robotech remastered, Star Treks, The Six Million Dollar Man, Old Sci-fi classics like Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, Space 1999, Dark Skies...ok maybe not that one, any of the sci-fi action B/C movies, and a weekly anime' late night uncensored double feature. Real movies, uncut, etc.

Then, the SHOWCASE! Once a week would be BAEN hour. 2 30 minute episodes written by or adapted from Baen author stories. We would also do a serialization of other successful Baen stories...author's willing of course.

And once a month a Baen Movie. On Saturday and Sunday mornings Baen author written/inspired animated programming at PG-13 or lower. Other cartoons could be licensed as well, like the old Star Trek animated series. Reruns of some of the better animated sci-fi from syndication.

With computer animation the way it is, we could put together real cool stuff!

We could have a regular 1 hour Baen Sci-fi News show in the evenings...rerun later also.

A 1 hours Con show where the host and hot co-host goes to cons all over the country interview and partying with folks. To boost ratings we can throw in the occasional NC-17 cosplay con folk like at DragonCon and other anime' cons.

And there could be a 30 min to 1 hour talk show about Science vs. Science Fiction and Where they Meet. Of course, I would host that one.

But the point is that it would be a channel with classic, modern, animated, CGI, news, and partying all sci-fi flavored 24/7/365.

Think of the self promotion it would do for the genre, for Baen, for the authors, for the fan, etc.!!!

We need Baen TV. Get DishNetwork or DirectTV or both to pick it up cheap and BOOM you got audience...BIG audience.

Damn, wish I had money or investors interested. Oh, and the other cool thing would be that it wouldn't be filmed in Canada.

There are a lot of small towns setting up shop for movies and television that don't allow the actors guild unions to come in. Huntsville is trying it and I know there is a place in South Carolina doing it. Hell, use fans, what I say.

Ok, so there.

Now that would be a dream come true! Well, that and warp drive, longevity, and my wife not bitchin at me for leaving my sweaty running shoes in the living room floor.



Agree with everything but.

Love your work Doc. I write and love both Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the crossovers of the two, like Star Trek and Star Wars. Years ago I only used to watch two channels except when some sporting event was on that I was interested in. Scifi and The History Channel. Now both have gone to hell, with reality shows clogging the works. I'm all for fantasy and even some horror (fiction that is) on Scifi. Even some superhero shows. I love all of the fantastic in literature and film. However Wrassling, which isn't even a real sport, just goes too far. And the reality shows, Ghost Hunter or Strange Monster of the Swamp Hunter or whatever hunter just don't interest me, or it seems most others that I talk scyfy channel with. And then they cap it off with infomercials in the morning, which is why I watch Sports Center every morning. Some of their series were magnificent. Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Universe, and others. Others weren't very good due to low budgets. The Dresden Files, which was a great series of books, was a pale imitation on Scyfy due to no budget to do anything near like the books by Jim Butcher. I agree that they need to focus on scifi entertainment, and maybe some shows about science fact, astronomy, space travel and such. But they could throw in some good Fantasy as well and I would be very happy.

Great idea

I love the idea ... There are a whole slew of great Baen authors who have material that would be fantastic for TV, either live or animated. If it was pitched right, I be a lot of the advertising slots could be bought by Science Channel (or whatever they're calling themselves at the moment,) Discovery, etc.

If it took off, really hope that the regular cable companies would carry it.

There could be themes for the shows, too. Classic scifi from the 30's, 40's, 50's ... the mind boggles :)

True Words

Yes, completely agreed, Sci-Fi has some good content though, I wish that a true Sci-Fi channel would come around... I wonder if this would be possible... Yes, a dream come true!


Doc, I'm going to have to agree with you on the fact that the Sci-Fi channel has went to hell. I remember when Sci-Fi use to be much like what you're talking about with the proposed network. Now-a-days, Sci-Fi has about as much science fiction as MTV does music.

NO more ECW, so the question

NO more ECW, so the question is, what Sci Fi House out there, is willing to take a risk and step in, with some ideas?


The fact that Sci Fi (aka

The fact that Sci Fi (aka SyFy aka Lowest common denominator thinking in action), sits on a GOLD MINE, of great science fiction, and continues to pelt me with non genre reality shows, wrestling (And I'm an old school wrestling fan, and want it out of my Sci Fi line up), BAD low budget remakes watered down from their Direct to DvD projects, fantasy schlock (Though they have done Better FANTASY, then their other sad attempts at their own genre), horror Schlock (Chiller is over there.....go that way).

*Sigh* And the re-runs, the god awful reruns of the schlock I don't want to see. They sit on that gold mine of great Sci Fi, and throw Poo at us like a rabid chimp, mainlining Rob Liefeld Comics. "Here you go Sci Fi Fans.....Enjoy.....FRANKENFISH!!!!!"

They've got that gold mine locked up and won't let me watch the good stuff. Hells I would pay money for it out of my work and bleed non union paycheck, so sign me up for BAEN tv, at least BAEN, has the right Idea about Sci Fi you just have to look at the Authors they sign up and the risks they take Giving Away free material.


They have a few goodones

They have a few goodones now. Warehouse 13 and Eureka is still going strong.

what's a goo done?

what's a goo done?

Baen TV

why not assemble a project with Baen and producers to do programming on Sci-Fi? if there were more quality contemporary programming it would help both parties with the characters of the novelists at Baen getting more exposure and the network getting more content.

Baen TV channel?

There are a few problems with the concept. Money of course it the biggest.

First is there are some SciFic that I dont like, others I love. Stargate is not one of my favorites in any of its formats. So I think the best would be sorting the shows out so that the viewers know what is on at what time.
Weekend early morning juvenile scific and fantasy, live and animated.
As the day ages advance the level of the shows Series from about 5 to 8 then 8-11 movies. After 11 at night R rated shows.

But like I said money would be needed.

I'm think that webepisode would be the way to go the major networks ae now experimenting with this concept and have presented some show exclusively on the web.

For movies look at Netflix instant watching capablities For $5 a month you get one dvd at a time for as long as want and all their available online movies to watch. about 12,000.

So to show a movie on the internet you would have to buy a DVD copy for commercial use then you can show it as many time as you want. to as many people who wantes to see it.

Support for a True Sci Fi Channel

I totaly support that hero. Sci Fi is Science not horror films. Put them on Chiller. Bring back the old Sci Fi classics, Space 1999 was not that bad I think. Old Sci FI movies are great, thou would Godzillia fit under Sci Fi or Monster catogory?



1. Put your money where your fingertips are. Buy stock in various companies who own the channel.
2. Public access if available. Or net shows. I heard good things about various Star Trek net production. Wish I could watch. My computers are as about out dated as the original ST computers. Yes it does booth up in day and half.
3. Start your own production company with the authors. If they haven't sold broadcast rights yet.
4. For the U.S.A., try becoming a Neilsen family. I was one for 3 months years ago when I dropped cable.

Baen TV What a brilliant idea

What a brilliant idea, Baen TV is a concept that should be able to get support from the Sci-Fi community. A Sci-Fi only channel with no horror, no drama and no frekkin' wrestling!
It's sad to see how the Sci-Fi channel have compromised and have given up their core "values" and beliefs - by dedicating less and less time to what should be their main focus.
Regarding what Doc Travis have said about his visions for Baen TV can be - I think that thinking along those lines would be wise, with the exception of his thoughts of a cable only matter, I tend to believe that Web-TV would be even better.
For Sci-Fi starved fans all over the world it would be great with an even easier acess for everyone's enjoyment! Make it a paid service over the web, because then Baen TV could have an even greater and broader market reaching more potencial customers to a larger extent all over the globe!

SciFi Channel isn't sci-fi anymore.

I'd whole heartedly agree. I can't believe the crap that's aired on Sci-fi channel anymore.

What happened to shows like Farscape & BSG? Stargate SG-1 is gone. Three really cool shows that I enjoyed watching. And their Saturday night movies? Yuck. Pure crap, with very, very, VERY bad acting, story lines and plots to the point where it has motivated me to write my own sci-fi screenplay, I hope to write something better than the drivel they're airing now. Then again, as my screenwriting instructor pointed out, you can have a well written and thought out story and still end up with a shitty movie because some dimwitted producer or exec decided to cut the budget, do rewrite or some other insane action.

I'm all for "Baen TV" or some other scifi channel. I've often thought about it myself, wishing I had deep, deep pockets.

Re: What we need is Baen TV!

I come to this idea late, but...

Over in the Uk our Sci-fi Channel lost its Sci-fi years ago, starting with the laste night anime (ok not much scifi in the first place TBH, but was my first introduction to classics like Eva and Nadesico) which degenerated into the same half dozen badly edited H-movies before being cut all together.

Then it was the prime time slots, with less and less Sci-fi and more and more badly done horror.

After that went the evening movies, first the quality dropping past B-movies into Q and R (and possibly even worse mostly staring the same half dozen actors), before changing into yet more horror

Then the final indignity the loss of sci-fi from the daytime and late night/early morning slots to be preplaced by the TV equivelant of the National Enquirer and even worse teleshopping (shudder).

So the Baen Channel a great and worthy idea but please please please bring it to us long suffering Scifi fans in the UK as well


Would be cool. Heck I hope EvE-TV (speaking of semi-homemade sci-fi tv) makes a come back. Watching KIAEdz having kittens over the performance of his fleet commander during the fifth alliance tournament was hilarious. Much better than 95% of network programming.

MMO segment

OH, YES, PLEASE let something like this happen!!! SFC has completely lost its way, and if there's a real sci-fi channel out there, maybe it will find it again and we can have more than one channel that interests us... nothing like looking for something to watch for half an hour then deciding to play a game cause there's nothing on and its the middle of the night and I cant go buy a new book to read.
And I must say EVE Online rules.

That being said, some of the things I've seen in EVE (and another MMO that I once played) make better plot lines than most TV and Movies nowadays... not reality tv (YUCK!), yet not totally unscripted either (depends on several factors there.. how flexible the game is.. whether or not the players are Role Playing or just playing/metagaming.

Doc- I agree, the SciFi

Doc- I agree, the SciFi channel needs to kick off the stupid wrestling and bring some other show like "Space: Above and Beyond". I wouldn't mind having a full channel dedicated to only Science Fiction.

Baen tv ? maybe we need a larger concept

Sci fi tv channel has a place in larger context, how can you innovate when you do not dream about future. And when you dream about global future you get projects like OLPC , open source OS, MIT projects for Africa etc.
But we can dream further .
Einstein said that problems can not be solved with same thinking that caused the problem in the first place, you need a new perspective and new plateau of thinking.
An tv channel that presents a future view is part of such plane.
People, children are being inspired.
Science now only has to convert reality of fiction in SCIFI into todays reality.
So we need to have something that is not commercialized , something that can push will and imagination of an average kid into reality of science and future.
scifi series,movies,books, animations, then questioning of problems exposed in them, a good dose of popular science that should give a push to the global community.
why not talk about planetary defense, why not about global politics, impact of science, scifi view of global warming etc.
BAEN TV , I am definitively for it.
Off course with more content.
And maybe with something more of series of type "Primeval" of ITV and less of Hollywood shit.


ECW...wrestling is fantasy


Wrestling is here to stay

I am reminded of the line in The Right Stuff about funding. Wrestling->profit->actual good shows being aired every now and then.

Unless you can figure out a way to make TV production an order of magnitude cheaper, you're stuck with the awful wrestling. This topic has been debated to death in the SciFi Weekly letter column as well.

Sci Fi TV...

Hey Doc,

Great idea, but can we PLEASEEEEEE have SOME fantasy? Baen's got some great fantasy writers and maybe it could just be a few hours weekly for the fantasy stuff?

Now, anonymous, I trained as a scab. Yep and proud of it. Non union family on both sides. We ran a non-union window cleaning and floor care business for 14 yrs. I go out of my way to find non-union shops when I need certain work done. They were a good idea once upon a time, but they have outlived their usefulness. Unions have destroyed the automotive mfr business in this country (goodbye Chrysler again). In the process they managed to ruin the city of Detroit and do a lot of damage to MI. The demands make it obscenely expensive to do business in this nation, so it is no wonder that so much is outsourced and moved overseas. Unions have become economically impractical and this nanny state first job to the grave business is unrealistic, especially if we are to continue and thriving and viable economy. I know people who have been out of work for several years (as electricians) as they are waiting on the union to find work and he is so far down the list that he'll probably retire while waiting.

Sorry to hijack that Doc...unions are a sore point with me. Can't wait for your next book, managed to get through Warp and Quantum and plan to read them again this summer in a further effort to understand more about the science. One thing I love about Baen, I continue to learn from the writers, get interested in new things and expand my horizons. Thanks!

Okay, boys - now for the truth.

JW Edwards sez: Scifi TV is possible, but highly unlikely. Why? It has to pass the Heinlein feasibility check, and although it's politically feasible, and it's becoming increasingly technically feasible (with CGI and all the other attached high-tech furbelows), the fact is that it's not economically feasible. There isn't enough broad-based support in the programming sectors of our beloved demographic (15 to 34 year old males) to warrant more of the effort by networks. What is changing is that scifi has moved out of the shadows during the last 30 years and into the mainstream, broadening its appeal. Shows like "Heros", "Dr. Who", "Smallville" and others are now being written by some of the most talented new writers in the industry, and that's because they were lured away from the film industry by the increasing societal swing towards acceptable scifi and the related fantasy fields. (More money didn't hurt, either.) As shows like these extend their runs and get into syndication, they prove the viability of the market segment, and ram the wedge of this segment of programming ever deeper into the available hours. We just need to keep supporting it and keep the buzz going. Be patient! Don't ever give up - just think how far we've come since Lost in Space and the original phenomenon that was Jim Kirk, and NCC 1701!

Don't need cable

SF is a niche audience. Good SF is going to be a sub-niche. You probably can't get Dish Network interested.

This seems like a ripe idea for the internets. Push it to iTunes as a paid download and you're set. Global audience if it's good.

sci-fi channel and scab labor

doc ,i know you are a smart guy.not all of us can earn 5 advanced degrees and go on to make a good living.the only way someone who works with his hands can make a decent living(35k-65k/year)is to work union jobs.your attitude reminds me of the contractors who pay their carpenters 10.00/hr to frame houses that they will then sell for 300k(sure....a 900% profit margin is fair to everyone involved....except the consumer....and the labor).your views(the snapshot your post gave us)on unions BLOW.

but your books are a lot of fun to read

i guess youre a scab writer then eh?

Give me a break. I've never

Give me a break. I've never had a "union job" and the only time I ever made less than your self proclaimed "decent" living is when I spent 10 years in the military. I have no degree and I make more than your $65k top end of a "decent living" as we speak. Only time I ever got offered what I would call a less than fair wage was for a union job. $32k/year doing what I get paid $70K+ for right now.

Yeah, unions, right.

Sarcasm off

From the bottom of a bottle of Maker's Mark

Yes, I agree that Sci-fi channel needs some fine tuning. First, get rid of ECW (whatever that is), next trash the D grade movies on the weekends!! I agree that SG-1, SG Altlantis, and Eureka are Sci-fi's best progragms. I also think that sci-fi needs to run episodes of Robotech, and StarBlazers. The channel also could use an hour show with George Noory at Coast to Coast!!

The Sci-fi is losing it's sci-if

Well I watch the sci if channel a lot and I think that it is losing it's sci if becuase ECW is taking a lot of time on sci if and there are a lot of crap on it. plus the only good shows going on that are actually good are Stargate SG-1,Stargate Atlantis,Battlestar Galactica, and Eureka.

P.S excuse my spelling Iam still new to the english language.

Yes , not in Canada, but get

Yes , not in Canada, but get the hot actresses from SciFi channel to host most of the shows

ECW - Eh, Couldn't be Worse...

Fantastic idea. So far, the only things on SciFi I can tolerate is StarGate SG-1, Atlantis and Doctor Who. Sorry, but Battlestar Galactica didn't appeal to my inner frakker. It seems a lot like SciFi had devolved into the channel for people who like kitch in an ironic way. I sort of suspect that they claim to like it for the badness, but they secretly just like it because they like it. And they have every right. But did we have to lose our one and only channel to retreat to fanastic geekery? I'm with you on this one. A new season of Stargate is coming up, so I won't call for a boycott... but I will call for people only to watch what's worthwhile. Maybe they'll get the idea. Or maybe they'll just decide it was a bad idea all along and dump the channel entirely. Who knows? If they do, I'll take up a collection to keep filming Stargate...

Pity they haven't. . .

. . . . . picked up Season 2 of the new Doctor Who yet.

Of course, *I* get it within hours of broadcast from the Net, and have DVD's of all the new Doctor, BETTER than the BBC DVDs (more stuff, like the weekly "Doctor Who Confidential" and such. . .

Who SAYS USENET is totally useless

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If I were you, and I'm not, I wouldn't run around admitting to that sort of thing... The MPAA and RIAA are getting really twitchy, lately, and as soon as there's American versions of all of that stuff, they're going to start going crazy and hunting people down. I wonder if there's a way to use quantum mechanics to save the freedoms of American citizens...

I sound like a half

I sound like a half brain-dead monkey up there. S'what I get for trying to be coherent after a long day at work and then a two hour writing crunch. I hate non-fiction.

The Idea is really Good.

The Idea is really Good. Have you considered Streaming it? Youtube has proven success with Streaming content. A similar concept would work with the right backing. Stream and Podcast, Quality Science Fiction. I personally would rather see good CG than Poor live action.

theres a catch

what about those folks without a reliable connection to the web? In my experience, public libraries dont have comps that deal well with video, or if they do the waiting lists are astronomical. I personally have to either park my butt at a library and hope their wireless isnt lagged to @#$@$@, or drive across town and use my moms cable connection. its cheaper to have a cell phone for me right now, so no dialup at home either. Not really wanting whine about my problems, but you cant assume that all sci-fi fans have broadband.

Baen has something planned -

Baen has something planned - accounts have been created at YouTube...