Added OpenID login to the site

The answer you entered to the math problem is incorrect.

I've added an OpenID login module to the site, so OpenID users won't have to remember yet another set of account details just to post a comment with their id on it.

For more information on OpenID, see the Wikipedia entry for it. There is a list of OpenID registrars at the bottom of that page.

OpenID login test

Test message posted with my OpenID.


I'm not sure what's happening. I've logged in with my i-name, and it takes me to my page (where it says I'm already logged in).

But there's no clue on this site that anything has changed. Should I be doing something else?

I'm sorry you're having

I'm sorry you're having problems with the site, Pat. Please send me an email via my contact page, and I'll see what can be done to correct the issue.