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Decades after the last footprints were left on the Moon, the U.S. was preparing to return to the Lunar surface in a new class of rockets, when the mission suddenly became much more urgent. It would have to be a rescue mission.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world China had sent its own Lunar expedition. A manned expedition. Until a distress call was received, no human outside of China even knew that the mission was manned—or that their ship had crash-landed and couldn’t take off again.

Time was running out, and if the four Chinese astronauts were to be rescued, the American lunar mission would have to launch immediately, with only a skeleton crew. Once the heroic U.S. astronauts were underway the army of engineers and scientists back home had the daunting task of deciding what equipment could be left on the Moon to permit the Lunar lander vehicle vehicle to lift safely from the Moon with the two U.S. astronauts and the four stranded Chinese taikonauts! Could the U.S. mount such a mission successfully—and would thousands of years of instilled honor “allow” the Chinese astronauts to accept a rescue?

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more effort for the stars.

The Americans and definitly the Australians are behind the eight ball,outside our atmosphere is a treasure trove of free energy,minerals,gases from a-z,ice water.evrything we need to wander from earth and to live and survive,Which countries will unite to claim the cream,or will it be in the hands of the corporate world to control.hope not.but as it stands it might be to late for us,our persistant need to bury our heads in the sand,to live in comfort of a smaller universe of home & money,but no tomorrow.Most cannot think past the scope of their own exsistance,and survival in a corrupt world of false perception and control by goverments and people that have a agenda more to do with personal acomplishments and wealth.We have to ask?Are we going to be a species to survive the natural motion of our solar system,or will we be the next dinosaur?Our goal as a race is to evolve quick enough to not be reliant on mother earth to keep us safe,to advance out to space and other worlds,to be nomadic on a grand scale, is the only way for a race to beat natural order and destruction,sometimes i wonder,is our race worth saving,after all,we kill everything eventually,even our own world,looking at it from a advanced species,we would be seen as we see a virus,our behaviour as a society and race,mainly in advanced cultures with tech,is very much the behaviour of a virus,We have to one we have to be.not for one for control and power,not for political partys' or religius sects to take control,not even to have the haves' and the have nots',Till we are one with a shared goal and purpose with a individual life equal to all,We will have in the end nothing,a short life on this world with the illusion of stars no future.Michael

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