Everything in the Universe is Energy

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Hey Y'all,

Have you ever lost your keys, but they were right in front of you?

What I’m about to share with you is the truth, & it’s not only right in front of you, it is you. You may at first be skeptical, but when you try it (even just ONCE) you’ll never be able to refute it. When I first began to realize this I was skeptical too.

But not any longer.

In just five minutes of experiencing this, you’ll realize it’s a true key to life!


What is this key of life?

Everything Is Energy…(you included)

I can't say this enough. Everything in the Universe is Energy.

Scientists like Einstein, Maxwell, Plank, Hawking, and more have known this for
decades…but until recently we haven’t known how to utilize it to transform our lives, our finances, careers, relationships, health, or any other area.

However, more and more scientists like myself are beginning to understand this
and it’s about to hit the mainstream…(but more importantly, these key “energy techniques” are about to be delivered to you, for FREE)


Here’s a few data points besides Einstein:

As 17.6 million people watched Oprah’s final show, guess what a main topic of her final show was… “It’s all ENERGY!”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, probably the most popular if not famous medical doctor of our time has said, “The Next Big Frontier in Medicine is Energy Medicine.”

In my book The Science Behind The Secret I investigated the fact that Quantum Physics shows us how we are part of the Universe as one continuous energy field that we, in fact, effect with our thoughts…literally creating our own experience of reality. Our thoughts create our reality because of the fact that Everything is Energy. Even our thoughts.

I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to a few people who are at the forefront of this movement for utilizing energy “tools” for personal transformation. Two of them are David and Kristin Morelli.

Kristin retired as a self-made multi-millionaire at the age of 30 (using energy practices you’ll learn here for FREE)

David went from being an emotionally constipated engineer to transforming every area of his own life using tools you’ll discover.

Together, David & Kristin Morelli, created the Everything Is Energy Radio Show which has risen to #3 behind Oprah on iTunes with 750,000 subscribers in the last two years.

Why does all this matter to you?

The Morellis have gathered the most cutting-edge transformational leaders & the most powerful “energy tools” to dramatically change your life in minutes…and it’s FREE!

You’ve simply got to go to this FREE 6-Day Event. (No travel required.) The transformation is practically done-for-you!

It’s like a 6-Day “Whole-Life Makeover” for FREE (as you rest in the comfort of your home!) They cover the areas of your life that matter most.


Here are some of the topics for the event (6 Days, 2 topics each day):

“Income Rocket: How to Blow the Roof off of Your Income Ceiling”
“How to Bend-Time & Get SH*T Done”
“10-Minutes to Endless Energy”
“Ending Intimacy Sabotage: Secrets to creating deep connection that lasts”

“Three Steps to a Satisfying Sex Life”
“Passion: Igniting the Missing “Spark” for Fulfillment”
“Tapping Into a Pain-Free Life: Relief that’s moments away”

And More…

The best part is that every free session isn’t just information…you’ll actually do the transforming RIGHT ON THE CALL! Plus, they’re not pitching you anything on the calls…it’s actually “pitch free” as well as “cost free”.

This could be the most important event of the year to change your life forever!

Go sign up here:


I’ve experienced these tools myself and I’m obviously a raving fan. I know you’ll love it too!


Dr. Travis S. Taylor

P.S. These Quick & Easy 5-min energy tools are SO FRICKIN’ Powerful! You can use them no matter what situation, problem or challenge you are facing. And let’s face it, wouldn’t it be great to have an instantly effective toolkit for difficult


P.P.S. Your grandchildren will lovingly “tease” you about the days when you didn’t know this stuff. That’s how powerful and pervasive this is about to become. Enjoy it!

It's the other way around

No, everything in the universe is made of matter. I can prove this but haven't the energy.

? This is a strange topic

? This is a strange topic from a writer that I truly enjoy. Is there some reason you are hawking a self help deal? Please don't become some nutter.

I'm with you there. Maybe

I'm with you there. Maybe his account was hacked, :-(

The Science Behind The Secret

I have read the book and here is a what if: I wanted a red sports car.For 20 years I wanted that car.The more I thought about it the more I wanted it. So for 20 years I worked 12 hour shifts, I charmed some people to get ahead. I cheated some people. I sole some money.I neglected paying my bills and taxes. I wrote a couple of books and had them published, made a few bucks. Now I have three sports cars. Did I send quiffs out for 20 years that made me get them or did all that thought about them make me use my wits to get them, no quantum physics involved just persistence, focus or greed????