Everything is Energy

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Hey all, I'm doing this Everything Is Energy summit thing this week based on my Science Behind The Secret book. It looks to be a lot of fun and will be at everythingisenergysummitjv.com. Never done something like this before so I'm looking forward to it. Check it out!

Everythinng may be energy...

...but Chuck Norris is still the only man in the universe who can tell a particle its exact position and velocity at the same time — because he tells them what they are.

everything is energy

Hey Travis,
About a month and half ago my husband and I stumbled upon The Secret on Netflix. We have been going through some really hard times in the past couple of years. It spoke volumes to us both. Then we found Rocket City Rednecks on TV, we are loving it!! DVR every episode. So I was trying to get a Saftey 3rd shirt for my husband and saw this on your website!! Was it coincidence? I dont think so think the laws of attraction are already working in our lives. Thanks for the show, as a southerner love it!! Angel Cookeville TN

Rocket City Rednecks

I'm 60, grew up in Lower Alabama and Florida. Love your books. wait for each Paperback with bated breath. I have to tell you when my only options become hardback or e-books I will with deep regret stop reading books by that author.
i Like Drake, Flint, Weber, Stirling, Baxter and a whole host of new writer's. such a reflection of people and politics and the directions humans are headed. I grew watching rockets leave earth, sometimes from a front porch with a cold glass of sweet ice tea! I guess I expected more, colony on the moon at least, from my own generation.

I think the "Rocket City Rednecks" is the best thing on TV. It is an inspiring educational way of teach anyone, including hardheaded stubborn fools like myself.
God Bless you all, Keep it up- inspire the young, while space is still obtainable, We should be on MARS by now!! Thanks for the great books.

New book, "The Science Behind the Secret".

Travis, I've been a fan of yours ever since reading your co-authored books with John Ringo, and very much enjoyed your first two solo efforts...the second one (The Quantum Connection?) got me to thinking a lot about the connection between thought and the rest of the world...something that's been kinda rattlin' around in my head for a couple of years.
Your new book, The Science behind The Secret was a bit of a shock as it brought all those rattlin' things into a new perspective...and I've been trying it in order to try and shape the way my life is going.
No scientifice proof yet, but at least I'm gainfully employed again, and working on trying to get the ideal job after that...it does seem to work, and I'm trying to explain the concept to my friends (one of which has a degenerative back problem) without trying to sound like a raving lunatic!

Enjoy the new show, but please don't try to get yourself blown up or drowned, ok?? Thanks again, and lookin' forward to your next book...

Chris Schwehr
Otis, Colorado