There really is little you must do to convince a young person about when it comes to playing PC games. The tricky part is always in convincing them to read or take part in a reading community. The endless playful behavior though can come back to hurt them as reading is a very beneficial activity to the mind and needs to be encouraged continuously. Negotiating reading time with equal play time on the PC and try to figure out which activity needs to happen during which times of the day, and in what sequence. Monitoring them is important too.

The PC Game Frenzy amongst Youths

PC games came in with the internet and cyber age and arguably stole the minds of many teenagers and even some adults. We live in a time where you can do little without the internet, and in a time where it is impossible to expect a young person to not want to play any games. PC games have arguably replaced old entertainment sources which included playing outdoor sports. It has also impacted minds in a worrisome manner due to the games that they play. To some extent, one can argue that their minds do not grow.

The Reading Challenge for Youths

Playing Mobile Legends on PC before reading a book can come across as prioritizing fun before education and even information. Not only is it difficult to get a young person to pick up a book and read today, but it arguably does them no good when the expectation is to only read after having played a game, as by that time they are dragging themselves only to fulfill what has been asked. It makes more sense to encourage reading before playing and to engage in conversations where you can understand how well they have understood the books given.