Eat, Pray, Love is, to many, a romantic novel, while others are more familiar with the movie. The truth of the matter is author Elizabeth Gilbert cleverly tells her own story in a journey of self-discovery after having ended a marriage which had seemingly also ended with her knowledge of self and all her desires. She then embarks on an adventure visiting three different countries in the pursuit of rediscovery with the hopes of learning each element her book was titled after, the elements of eating, praying, and loving. Her journey was so exciting just like an adventure game.


Elizabeth Gilbert’s Story and Writing Background

Elizabeth Gilbert’s story began in 1969, having been born having been born and raised in the quiet and humble farm in Waterbury. She would later head to the Big Apple, having made it into the New York University as a Political Science student. It was also during this time where her love for writing would begin by her chasing the dream, and penning her experiences as a waitress in different bars. She would eventually work as a journalist in New York where she would inspire movies like Coyote Ugly, while her first novel, Stern Men, would earn her a New York Times Notable Book award.

Knowing Eat, Pray, Love as we do

Her book Eat, Pray, Love provides us a glimpse into her passion for life and shares her quest to remind herself that her divorce was not the end of the road or the end of her life, and that life still held many discoveries for her. The elements of Eat, Pray, Love are mainly shown in her stops in Rome, Italy where the beauty of eating is catered to her, while in Mumbai, India, her ability to pray is tested and shown to her by the many people she meets, Bali then finds her not only finding love of self, love of man, love of nature, but love of peace too.