Into the Wild is a true story written by John Krakauer, an American writer primarily known for interests in all things surrounding wildlife. His book Into the Wild was published in 1996 following his interest in the life of Christopher McCandless, a young man who came from a privileged background who after university graduation, chose to donate his trust fund to a humanitarian charity, and begin a journey into the American wild. He was said to write many notes documenting his experiences which would later solve mysteries surrounding his death after having been found in Denali National Park and Preserve in 1992.

John Krakauer’s Story and Writing Background

John Krakauer was born in Massachusetts as one of five children to a Jewish father, and a mother of Scandinavian descent. He would study at the Hampshire College in Massachusetts where he would obtain an Environmental Studies degree. Having been introduced to mountaineering while growing up, he would spend some time in Alaska, climbing the Devils Thumb. He would pen these experiences in the Outside magazine which would earn him recognition as a writer. His most notable journey on Mount Everest would also earn him much recognition due to the many difficulties he faced with his team members where some would succumb to death.

Knowing Into the Wild As We Do

Into the Wild would then be a book sharing a combination of John Krakauer’s experiences and the true story of Christopher McCandless. He had lived in the wild for a short period of time surviving off berries and different plants. He had survived just over 100 days before he was found dead due to starvation. John Krakauer’s Into the Wild sheds light on some of the similarities they have encountered, and also aims to understand the motivation behind McCandless’s desire for such an expedition.