One of the biggest debates amongst parents, educators, and anyone genuinely interested in the development of young minds is whether reading or playing video games is the better activity for the youth. What also characterizes this argument is the bid to ensure that the technological age does not take away reasoning abilities and even the basics of great vocabulary by replacing activities for teens and the young with the popular Clash Royale on PC or other video games. It is without a doubt that the favored of the two activities is the playing and that getting young people to read is difficult. A healthy dose of the two though can prove beneficial.

The Benefits of Reading Books

Reading is without a doubt power and knowledge. For a healthy mind to grow not only in wit, knowledge, and for it to be informed, reading needs to play a healthy component. The activity though does come across as boring and if not shared as to what benefits come from it, may prove difficult to encourage. A better and stronger vocabulary, as well as a sense of adventure, is a benefit known to get young minds interested. To encourage these activities though with a bit of what they like, you do need to be clever about what books you share.

The Benefits of Playing Games

Playing games is the obvious fun activity you do not even need to list as to why one should partake in them. From playing in the sports fields at school, community games with neighborhood friends and even on the internet scene where you get to meet people from different parts of the world through your favorite video games; it is no wonder young people enjoy playing. What can come from these social scenes though are the benefits of people skills that can later be used in the workforce. The adventures also help develop a simple mind, into a creative one.